When I turned 15, I left the army of compulsory mountain soldiers of my father, after years of tough hiking…4 seasons mainly at the beautiful Cerdanya, in Catalonia, Spain. It happen that every week end was a bit harder than the previous one, and holidays were just a full boot camp!… so I decided to dedicate my time to sailing and I have enjoyed so much since! 34 years later, running companies, having kids, wife… and living in another hemisphere, I decided give another go to the mountains, and I called David to guide me at Kosciuszko for a couple of alpine touring ski days. The experience was fantastic: David is a passionate professional with natural teaching skills, a huge knowledge of the Australian mountains and a big awareness for safety. Since those days with David I have reconnected with the mountains, and I do lots of hiking and skiing solo, with a friend, or with guides… and with my kids. I have to say a huge thanks to Dave for open me the doors to the Australian back country. Many thanks !!! Saludos