Did my AST1 with Dave and Pieta last season. Luck really wasn’t on our side with the weather over the weekend but with Dave and Pietas experience they still managed to find us some protected pockets of fresh snow. We learnt so much from them about navigating the backcountry safely, I can’t speak highly enough about their skills, passion and expertise. Anyone thinking of spending time in the BC should get in touch with alpine access.

Tom Walmsley

An epic day with Pieta and Dave Herring exploring the Kosci backcountry. I’ve been exploring this part of the world my whole life in summer and alpine skiing but this opened up a way to go further and more meaningfully into an environment I love. Dave and Pieta brought expert knowledge about all things avalanche and safety, loads of practical tips and great advice about gear. And there were lots of laughs along the way. I also really appreciated their effort to meet us in Charlotte Pass and bring all the gear we had rented for our first time. I can’t recommend Alpine Access highly enough! We are converted to the backcountry life and will definitely be back for more. Thank you for such an incredible and memorable experience!

Deana Vanover
Just completed the two day AST1 course with Dave from Alpine Access Australia and was blown away with how it was delivered. The course was mainly theory on the first day and practical the second. Our group ranged in age broadly from 14yrs to early twenties and late 50’s and we all rated this course between 9.5-10 out of 10. I cannot recommend this course enough – it opened my eyes to the dangers in relation to backcountry. Dave also provided an insight into snow science as well as tips when out touring. The education, advice and the delivery was 10/10. Recommend.
Silvie Drechsel

My son and I did our AST1 with Dave and Pieta in 2020. For many years we’d blasted through Japans’ sidecountry with some risk awareness, but not enough. The skills, experience, stories and passion AAA bring is awesome ; the 2 days we did with them a gateway to becoming hooked on the human powered up. I’ve subsequently geeked out on the science and the gear and were it not for COVID I’d have done the advanced training they offer too (indeed I am signed up for this coming winter). Where I was a bit meh about the Australian winter, I now wait with anticipation to get out from the trailheads. I look forward to learning more from the team at AAA and applying that in the northern hemisphere once COVID finally sets us free.

Casey Dyke

When I turned 15, I left the army of compulsory mountain soldiers of my father, after years of tough hiking…4 seasons mainly at the beautiful Cerdanya, in Catalonia, Spain. It happen that every week end was a bit harder than the previous one, and holidays were just a full boot camp!… so I decided to dedicate my time to sailing and I have enjoyed so much since! 34 years later, running companies, having kids, wife… and living in another hemisphere, I decided give another go to the mountains, and I called David to guide me at Kosciuszko for a couple of alpine touring ski days. The experience was fantastic: David is a passionate professional with natural teaching skills, a huge knowledge of the Australian mountains and a big awareness for safety. Since those days with David I have reconnected with the mountains, and I do lots of hiking and skiing solo, with a friend, or with guides… and with my kids. I have to say a huge thanks to Dave for open me the doors to the Australian back country. Many thanks !!! Saludos

Juan José Sagnier

I completed an Avalanche Skills Training level 1 course in 2013, organised by Dave and Pieta Herring, who I have skied with for twenty years. While I had been a backcountry skier for a few of these years, this course really improved my knowledge of the snow and the conditions that help make skiing safer.
Dave is a keen believer in snow safety and the avalanche safety courses are an integral part of his approach to introducing people to the pleasures and challenges of backcountry skiing. Having skied and trekked all over the main range, Dave knows most of the ‘nooks and crannies’ up there and as a guide or skiing companion I reckon he is second to none.

Paul Pearce

Highly recommended! Like many of us, I had spent years traipsing around in the side and backcountry, both here in Australia and overseas, with little real understanding of the dynamics of snowpack and the terrain on which it sits.
After completing the two day AST level 1, I really saw the mountain in front of me through new eyes. Now my approach is more ordered, less hasty, and more analytical. Introducing better awareness and communication within the tour group has definitely made me feel able to plan a safe trip out into the backcountry, and a safe trip back down at the end of the day.
I would recommend doing the AST1 course with your touring partners, so that next time you hit the skin track, you are all seeing the mountain through those new eyes! So do yourself a favour, and book an AST1 course now!

Graham Jones

My husband, 2 teenage kids and myself went on a Backcountry Tour with Dave. He custom made the day to suit us, which included an introduction to Avalanche Awareness. We are all competent resort skiers, but backcountry touring is another level and challenged all of us in different ways. Most importantly, we gained a healthy level of appreciation for the level of preparedness required. We had a magic day in untracked powder, learning about the unfamiliar backcountry skis in steep terrain (uphill and downhill👍). What an awesome day with breathtaking views of the main range. These guys are very fit and can accommodate all levels.

Petra Buckley